We believe that any person, company, or society over the world benefits from using cargo unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Right now. Especially now.

We are ready to launch easy and flexible UAV logistics.

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Why UAV?
Timely delivery is the key to success in any field - from saving life and space exploration to small business and family matters.

The use of UAVs opens up unique opportunities not available to any conventional transport.

Eliminating urban and
geographical obstacles
Min infrastructure
Easy launch, maintenance,
and scaling
Small consignments
For many reasons, most of the planet's territory is hard-to-reach places. UAVs do not care what obstacle is on the way and need minimal to zero infrastructure.

Unmanned aerial vehicles eliminate one of the biggest threats that have demonstrated the power in 2020. With drones, we can help without endangering.

In an emergency, every second count. The scale of the disaster, the number of victims, rescue resources can be significantly less if unmanned aerial vehicles help.

Hard-to-reach delivery
Contactless delivery
Emergency delivery
Traffic-congested delivery
Millions of people face traffic problems every day. UAV delivery will significantly reduce traffic, risks, pollution, and increase delivery speed.
Healthcare delivery
Millions of lives will be saved due to UAV delivery
of drugs and biomaterials - on time and safely.

Unmanned aerial vehicles drive businesses, reducing downtime and costs, accelerating manufacturing and delivery.

Our goals
Our mission is to make UAV delivery universally accessible due to ease and flexibility.

We design, produce and serve cargo UAV logistics for environmental, medical, urban, energy problem-solving.

Our UAVs
To versatility of use, we produce the exclusive middle mile / middle cargo unmanned aerial vehicles.

To make it easy and safe for anyone to operate them, we have developed an application based on emerging technologies.
80 kg
Max Payload Weight
20 kg
2,8 m
0,623 m
Fuselage width
0,35 m
4,6 m
Wing area
4 m2
Max speed
90 km/h
Cruising speed
80 km/h
Flight range
~ 100 km
Flight altitude
~ 300 m
≈ 1 hour
Vertical takeoff / landing
UAV control
Airlogix App
Ground Control Station
Mission planer
Rescue missions
Unmanned aerial vehicles help in humanitarian crises, natural disasters, conflict zones. Such areas pose hazards to victims and rescue teams. If drones use, there is no need to risk the lives of fire, paramedics, police, pilots, and drivers. UAV can deliver up to 20 kg of rescue cargo — emergency kit, medicines, samples for analysis, diagnosis, or repair, vaccine vials, purified water — where and when they are needed, when every moment matters, complicated terrain, and environments can delay response times.
or remote places
It doesn't matter if you are in the center of New York City or on a desert island. Anyway, you face delivery problems. The delivery will be expensive or/and slow unless you use UAV delivery. Cities reach their capacity limits, and development is impossible without drone delivery. At the same time, drones get rural and remote areas, creating local jobs and economic benefits.
Unmanned aerial vehicles have proven their efficiency in automotive, agriculture, construction, oil & gas, mining industries. Drones transport tools and replacement parts, samples, shipping parts, tools, dyes, documents. They deliver cargo between ground-based depots, between destinations on land and at sea, between your company's facilities, to your customer's depots, from your suppliers, increasing equipment uptime, shortening critical delivery times, and saving on unnecessary warehouse inventory.
The success of UAV delivery in healthcare is due to its high speed and safety. Unmanned aerial vehicles can fly from anywhere to the desired point without delay. Drones will deliver help even faster than an ambulance - flying the shortest route over traffic jams, intersections, off-road, water and mountains. UAV excludes the threat of infection. At the same time, such delivery is affordable.
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Chief Technical
Our team
We are not just dreamers. We have launched hi-tech projects, failing and winning.

Now we are a team of 14 aerospace engineers, industrial designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Aircraft Design and
Systems Engineer
Aircraft Design and
Systems Engineer
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