Meet new drone
"Hammerhead eV20"
at Commercial UAV Expo Americas
September 1, 2021
September 7, LA «Airlogix» company will present the drone "Hammerhead eV20" at Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2021. A full-size model of this drone will be presented during the exhibition. This is an almost unique model because this drone combines the properties of a helicopter and a transport drone with an electric motor.

A team of American and Ukrainian engineers has developed a new drone that covers medium-distance transportation (up to 100 km). And it does it quickly, relatively cheaply with a minimal environmental footprint. The Hammerhead eV20 drone has almost unique technological characteristics that create a new niche in the drone market.

It is a machine that combines the power and speed of the aircraft, the high mobility of the helicopter with the compactness and controllability of the drone.

  • Our drone has a payload of up to 20 kg, which allows you to transport a wide range of objects from ambulance kits to industrial parts, flight range - 100 km at a speed of 100 km/h, - said the founder of Airlogix, Vitalii Kolesnichenko.
The drone can provide high flexibility of logistics because the machine has a vertical takeoff and landing, which allows you to use it in a variety of conditions. For landing, it does not need anything more than a flat area of 5 by 5 m.

The electric motor allows to minimize an ecological trace of the machine, but at the same time, it is powerful enough to support all mentioned indicators.

  • We believe that our project can affect all market segments. We are interested in cooperating with investors, partners, and mentors from around the world. And we have high hopes for the exhibition because it gives opportunities to develop effective cooperation, - Vitalii Kolesnichenko summed up.